Beyonce Butt Tap – Queen B says NO WAY!

I mean come on you know you would…

100.7 Star

A very friendly, over-zealous fan of Beyoncé’s got a little too handsy at her concert in Copenhagan, Denmark on Monday night.

In the video (see below) you will see a fan take the opportunity to give Beyoncé a little love tap on the bottom while she allowed her fans to sing with her to “Irreplaceable”.

She quickly turns around and tells the guy that she will have him escorted out and effortlessly continues on her with her performance.

Beyoncé is a fantastic woman — awesome businesswoman, performer, mother, and one of the most influential feminists of our time, HOWEVER, you can’t put this guy at too much fault.

I don’t think there is a guy on the face of this planet that would pass up the opportunity to touch her bodacious booty (I’m a woman and I know I wouldn’t, haha!)

Was he out of line? Just being opportunistic? Follow…

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