E-List: Reasons you should NOT be in a Relationship

If you Mom is still packing your lunch…

100.7 Star

…Before you jump the boat you might want to back it up…

E-LIST:…Reasons why you shouldn’t be in a relationship

#7. If you’re interested in everyone… like Taylor Swift

#6. If you & your i-phone have a stronger connection

#5. If you have to prove your love on Facebook…and only post pix of your cat

#4. If you catch yourself looking in a mirror every time you walk past one…(you are too wrapped into yourself to be with someone else.)

#3. If you’re still rocking velcro shoes and/or crocs

#2. If your Mom is still packing your lunch

#1. If your thinking more about the dollar menu then the menu playing volleyball in front of you on the beach

FILL IN THE BLANK! You should not be in a relationship if _________!
Tweet me your response! @Elistab

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