E-List: #RealisticResolutions

These will last for a day…

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Let’s face it resolutions last for like a day. Rotten E Cards said it best, “We should open up a gym called Resolutions. It will have exercise equipment in it for the first two weeks and then it turns into a bar for the remainder of the year.”

So before you decide to take the dive on that check out these important resolutions we should make! Here are my fav:

E-LIST: Your 2014 #RealisticResolutions

#7. “I will stop opening tabs at bars and then becoming everyone’s best friend under the influence of alcohol aka generosity juice.”

#6. I will stop stalking my ex and other people from high school on social media

#5. I will at least THINK ABOUT going to the gym once a week then maybe make it there… at least at some point this year.

#4. “I will stop ordering takeout five nights a week and then…

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