E-LIST: Things That Should Stay in 2013

Let’s leave all this behind… and your ex.

100.7 Star

From “What Does The Fox Say?” to your crazy ex I think we should leave all of this behind in 2013 and move on…

E-LIST: #Things that should stay in 2013

#7. Kimye gossip.. they need to go away for a little bit…

But did you SEE what Kanye gave Kim for Christmas?! About that…

#6. Twerking… I’m not completely against this however the twerking videos need to stop.

We blame it all on you Miley!

#5. The Harlem Shakethat was fun for a little bit…

#4. The Steeler season… I know we beat the brownies on Sunday and we almost made the playoffs but come on we need a team that can make those…

#3. Justin Bieber retiringmaybe he should after his movie “Believe” tanked then again that empire might not last forever so do it for your…

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