E-List: Best Pothole fillers

I still want #Pittsburgh to turn into a beach!

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Since Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is going on a 72 hour pothole filling spree, the great “Pothole Blitz“, Bubba Show wanted to help out this morning. Only thing was they needed something to fill those holes with!

Thanks to your suggestions on our Facebook page here are the top!

E-LIST: Best Pothole fillers

#7. Velveeta we don’t want to waste that if there is a shortage! Maybe we can just borrow some eggs from Justin Bieber?

#6. Whoopie cushion! But someone needs to keep filling that up!

#5. Peanut butter but I don’t want that to go to waste… I’d maybe walk more?

#4. Duct tape fixes everything!

#3. Glitter! (from our friend Tyler the Creator) So every time someone hits it they feel like they are at a @keshasuxx concert #GlitterCannon

#2. Sand so Pittsburgh turns into a beach! Love that! Check out…

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