E-LIST: Stuff Cops Might’ve Found in Bieber’s House

I’m guessing they might find Selena hiding…

100.7 Star

Police searched Justin Bieber’s house today serving a felony search warrant after the Biebs was accused of throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies found what looked like cocaine. Fortunately for the Biebs it belonged to Lil Za who was arrested, but here are some other things the cops might have found!

E-LIST: Stuff Cops Might’ve Found in Bieber’s House…

#7. Cardboard cut-outs of himself… lots of them.

#6. Tim Horton making coffee. Those Canadians can never get enough

#5. Marijuana and tattoo stuff… so Wiz Khalifa.

#4. A naked room… for that time he retired.

#3. Chicken coop! How else do you think he got those eggs? Let’s not forget the barrel of monkeys! Oh wait Germany confiscated his monkey.

#2. Selena Gomez playing hide and seek. She just won’t admit it.

#1. Strippers. Well that was a given.

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